Making a sandwich is pretty easy for many people. But to make a better sandwich using some of the devices linked here, you need some extra tricks and trips, such as the following 5 that’ll make the difference between regular sandwiches and really great ones.

Choose homemade bread

Bride is the spine of any sandwich, so you mustn’t skimp on quality. Choose bread that you would be just as excited to eat alone as you would combined with other ingredients. Go for simple sandwich loaf or no-knead bread, or if you aren’t a baker, get a loaf from your nearby bakery instead of the prepackaged store stuff.

Balance textures and flavors

Your selection of ingredients and how they all work together all determine the quality of your sandwich. Choose various ingredients to add a blend of crisp, crunchy, creamy, and soft textures, in addition to a balance of sweet, fresh, fatty, and spicy flavors.

Season your veggies

Treat the veggies on your sandwich like you would those in a hotel salad. Great salads should always be seasoned before serving, so try that and add some salt to vegetables before adding them on your sandwich.

Keep it fresh

If your place of work has a kitchen, store your ingredients in the freezer until lunch time. Build your masterpiece once you’re ready to eat, and wave goodbye to wet sandwiches. If this is not possible, make use of crustier breads instead of sliced bread and spread ingredients like cold cuts or cheese around wetter ingredients, such as lettuce or tomato.

Revive stale bread

If all you’ve got is stale bread, worry not—you can still revive it. Toasting may help, but you can take it to the next level by heating your bread in a pan or griddle on the stovetop. This will not only make the bread softer but make you forget it was once dry as well.

Always add a surprise ingredient

You just need one ingredient to make your sandwich really stand out, especially one that’s not expected at all. This may be anything from pickled veggies or fresh herbs, to crisp apple slices or hard-boiled egg. You can also swap standard condiments for jam, or tapenade.

Warm it up or toast it

Toasting will unleash the sweetness in your bread, and will heat up any filling you apply. Try toast with such spreads as baba ghanoui or hummus. If you opt for ham and cheese, try this trick: lay some grated cheese and slices of ham on a wrap; wrap it up and put it on the microwave for around 30 seconds. You’ll get something that’s gooey, warm and really good.

The final touch

Seasonings are not just meant for stovetops; they make a huge difference in sandwiches. Begin with regular pepper and sold, and add fresh herbs such as coriander or basil leaves.

5 Tricks for Making Better Sandwiches