Technology has revolutionized how people do things, and some people are also at the verge of losing their jobs. One of the areas that are feeling the touch is the wedding planning area as we now have apps that can help you plan your wedding. The problem though is that the apps do not have that personal touch. Human planners are thus becoming irreplaceable even though they can as well embrace technology to make their process easier and swift. The problem though is that many people claim to be wedding planners. The following are some crucial features to look for in a wedding planner

Good communicator

You can tell if someone is a good communicator or not from the first time you make contact. A good wedding planner will use various modes of communication to pass the message. You can use phone calls, text messages or even emails to communicate with your wedding planner. Someone who takes days to reply to a message without an explanation is an indication of a poor communicator. You should choose a mode that is convenient for you both.


A good wedding planner will show the details of every happening in an organized manner. Such a person will keep receipts and payment vouchers that relates to this wedding. He or she will also prepare a program that is in line with time available and the commitment of the other people involved. The planner will also keep details of all the people that you have contracted to provide goods and services during the wedding ceremony. Such a person will also inform the other players what has been completed and the next steps to take.


You will meet some people who will not care about the amount of money that you spend as long as they get their dues. A good planner knows the estimated budget of an ideal wedding depending on your specification. Such a person is also a great negotiator who always ensure that you as the client get the best deal. You may at times have to sit down with the couple and review the budget and check on the things you might need to add or scrap from the budget.

Entertainment conscious

A celebration should be marked by happiness, but it all depends on the type of entertainer that you choose. Having live performance at the event is one of the best ideas as people get a chance to experience the moments and enjoy to the fullest. There are many options but music always wins, and that is why it is known as a universal language. A wedding singer such this one ensures that the wedding is lit and memorable by entertaining people with some of the best love songs.

Problem solver

Things can go wrong when planning the wedding. A good planner will not start laying blames on others but offer solutions right away. Such an individual will not wait until things go out of hand to offer solutions.

Characteristics Of A Good Wedding Planner