If you’re looking for a change in jobs, or are retired, there are many options when it comes to second careers. Why do the same boring thing your family and friends have done when you can be bold and try one of these:

–Go Solar, Dude. If you’re tired of expensive electricity bills, then here’s a way to lower them and possibly put money in your wallet while you’re doing it. Start by getting solar panels installed in your home. If you save money on your bill, the electric company is to send you a check for the energy you save, because the solar-powered energy is fed back into the power grid. Now that’s a new one, and worth looking into.

You have to live in a sunny area of course, and your solar panels will cost money, so it may take some time for your effort to pay off. Solar energy isn’t for everyone, so make sure you do some research on it first. Some people use solar energy quite extensively, as a way to save money, and help the environment. It would help reduce global warming if more people used it as an energy alternative.

–Start a food truck. If you like to cook food and travel, this may be the perfect way for you to have a second career. Check with state and local laws on where you can park your food truck and for how long. Once you’ve got that taken care of, all you have to do is decide what kind of food to make and serve. Food trucks aren’t huge, so you may want to stick with quick, easy foods like sandwiches. This site has some great advice and reviews on Panini presses, http://www.paniniperfect.com/, but you could always check with other vendors to see what they’re using.

— Nighttime Nanny. If you like night work, babies, and don’t mind sleeping in other people’s homes, this is the perfect part-time job for you. It involves being a nighttime nanny for the sleep-deprived parents of infants. There are a multitude of parents who would pay quite well for a good night’s sleep. Your role would be to go the family’s home at night, and be a stand-in for the parents whenever the baby woke up, needed fed, burped changed, or rocked.

— Be a Chill Vendor. Instead of steaming during a traffic jam, chill out, and help others chill out, by buying a cooler full of soda drinks and ice and selling them. This will cool off hot drivers and put cash in your pocket instantly. Whether in town or on interstates, traffic jams can last for hours, due to accidents, a vehicle breaking down, whatever. So if you can get to a cooler of pop, you can ring up the dollars.

But make sure you’re presentable. Most drivers would be reluctant to do business with someone approaching their cars. So remember to smile and dress appropriately. A related item you could sell could be ice water.

Consider Something Different for a Second Career