The sun is out, and it is the time to hit the beach. But wait, you want a have the time of your life, right? To make that happen, here is a list of the things you shouldn’t leave at home.

Lots of Water

The doctor said that you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. So, carry some water to the beach – lots of it. Remember, your body is likely to get dehydrated faster in the heat of the summer. A portable cooler will come in handy too.

First Aid Kit

Even with the best preparations, you can never rule out the probability of an accident. Toss a first aid kit into your car before you leave for the beach. And when the unexpected happens, you’ll be surprised how helpful that will be.

Beach Chair

Imagine relaxing on a beach chair, enjoying the breeze as your eyes wade over the horizon. Perfect! There’s a catch though; you have to get a good chair for that to happen. At the very least, it has to be comfortable complete with a smooth and soft armrest. A cup holder would be a great addition as well. With that in mind, click here to view a collection of the best beach chairs you can get. Just like anything else, you want to spend your money on a chair that offers value.


You want to enjoy the view as much as possible so a pair of powerful binoculars is a must. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to spend lots of cash on an excellent pair. That way, you won’t be the guy who’s always asking “what is that?” whenever a blip appears on the water surface at a distance.


This is a no-brainer. However, you’re likely to forget a pair of sunglasses at home especially if you don’t wear them regularly. These will help protect your eyes from the sun rays and reduce strain. Pack the glasses together with your whistle to help you track your kids if you’re bringing the entire family with you.

In Conclusion

It is always a good idea to do an assessment of the things you’ll need to carry to the beach before you leave the house. The more essentials you bring with you the better. Others include an extra blanket, baby powder, a radio, and flip-flops.

Essentials to Pack for a Day trip to the Beach