As a social media marketer, you know pretty well that being active and outspoken on Twitterbloats your presence, customer trust, and influence. Sadly for most businessmen, especially new brands, you can hardly intertwine between running your account and at the same time taking care of other business-related matters. That is primarily because twitter requires continuous interaction in order to build a strong brand identity.

Being active on twitter is paramount if you want your brand to have a strong presence. As a result, most marketers, as well as businessmen, have taken advantage of the numerous automation tools available to enhance their social media presence. Nevertheless, if you want your automation strategy to succeed, you need to incorporate the ideas discussed below.

Be smart

There are numerous online resources such as that make your work easier by reviewing most of the automation tools in the market. Take advantage of such sites to choose a tool that is best suited for your niche. You will find a number of bots that align perfectly with your automation strategy, making it easier for you to interact with like-minded individuals. For example, certain bots tend to look for hashtags that fall within your niche, thus, targeting users with the same interests as you.

Google Alerts

You can set up a google alerts system to notify you about feeds that fall within your niche or your target market. That can prove to be helpful, especially if your marketing strategy focuses on local sales. You can start off by researching or being wary of keywords that suit your niche and making them your primary target. By creating a link that alerts you about the trending topics in your industry, you can easily create related content which eventually boosts your brand presence.


If you are an active social media marketer, you can integrate your multiple social media accounts such that, whatever content you post on Twitter can be seen on other platforms such as Facebook. That makes your work much easier because you don’t have to post the same message or post on each platform separately.  However, you don’t have to do this if your marketing strategy is dissimilar within different platforms.


Twitter automation increases your presence without the much-needed effort and time that you need to engage actively. Whereas it is a welcome option, it needs to be adopted cautiously to avoid ruining your brand image. At the end of the day, remember that automation should be used as a foundation to enhance personal interaction and not as a replacement.

How to be Smart With Twitter Automation