How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

Hey Instagram fans,

Today we’re going to look at some super efficient ways to grow your account amazingly quick so fasten your seat belts.

1: Use Hashtags Elsewhere

No one says you should only use your hashtags on Instagram, you can also use them on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and on your very own website. Expand this to even different type of media like offline print or something as crazy as a billboard. Why? Because it’s all about brand awareness and hashtags are the ultimate way to accomplish that. Don’t flow with the rest, we are going upstream!

2: Throw Yourself in Discussions

Find hot topics and mingle yourself in, you can even do this by simply starting to troll and coming up with controversial statements, that will definitely get their attention, just make sure you don’t sound all too crazy or there’s not much of a chance of people following you but the same thing that you might’ve done on the forums in the past works amazingly well at Instagram.

3: Spam Those Influencers

Not literally of course but a massive outreach campaign to influencers in your niche will definitely help you to grow your account at the speed of light. Just make sure you have something to offer them as no one likes to work for free, once your account is big enough on itself they’d happily swap posts with you and turn this into a win-win situation.

4: Get Out There

Yes I mean go outside, don’t stay in your room all the time. Go where the people are. This can be an event, a workshop, a popular tourist attraction you name it. Once you are there make sure to tag the location in your selfie or whatever you like to put on the photo and everyone that will search for that location will see your post or story.

5: Like, Like Like

The more you like the more you get seen and the easiest way to like things, people, stuff in general is by using a bot to do that for you. Yes, you don’t need to sit there all day clicking like like like, this is very easy to automate and if you click this link: they will explain you all about the different tools that are available to do just that at a budget below $100/month.

Summing it up

Your Instagram account is only as good as you are with people so engage is the key word here, the more you engage the more you get back for it!

How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram