When you are a boxer, it is very likely for you to sustain injuries during a match or training. Some of the common injuries include cuts, bruises, fractures, and dislocation. Today we look at some of the ways you can prevent some of these injuries.

Use Protective Gear

Before engaging in any boxing activity, ensure you have the right gear.  Guard and cushion your head properly, get the right size of gloves and have a groin guard that is padded and comfortable. You may also need a good mouth guard and hand wraps. Put adequate padding on your wrist and knuckles but do not wrap too tightly as this may reduce blood flow and make you uncomfortable.


As a boxer, you are at high risk of strained muscles. Regular exercise makes your bones, muscles, and ligaments strong enough to withstand your opponent’s punches. Exercise also reduces the risk of muscle strain. It builds your stamina and endurance, increasing your capability to withstand intense kicks and jabs.

Master The Punching Techniques

Hands are the most vital tools in a boxing contest. Getting your hands injured during a match gives your opponent a better chance of winning. In order to minimize injuries, you need to learn how to punch correctly. Turn your fists when punching so that your fingers are protected.  If you want to learn how to throw proper punches, visit the London Fight Factory to sign up for a free trial class.

Use Moisturizers and Petroleum Jelly

Moisturizers, steam inhalers, and saline drops condition the skin inside your nose and reduce the likelihood of nose bleeding. Apply some petroleum jelly on your face to make it slippery.  The jelly minimizes the number of bruises and cuts resulting from any punches.

Eat A Balanced Diet

A good diet helps you to heal faster and remain strong. You need a lot of calcium, vitamins, and proteins. Calcium strengthens your bones thus minimizing the risk of fractures. Drink lots of fluids to remain hydrated as well.


Although training is mandatory for every boxer, you should not push yourself too hard.  If you feel exhausted or pained, stop your training and have some rest.  In case you experience any sharp pains, consult a doctor.

In Closing

Preventing injuries is better than treating them. With due care and observing the above measures, you can enjoy an injury-free experience in your favorite sport. Always pay attention to your body and do not ignore any unusual pain.

How To Prevent Unnecessary Injuries in Boxing