Although the Instagram business account does not have as many features as other social media platforms, it does have a lot of benefits as compared to a personal profile. It is no doubt that the features of a business account are highly valuable, especially to small businesses. If you want to switch your personal profile to a business account, there is a way to do it that is both simple and fast. Simply open the app and click on your profile icon at the bottom of the screen. Let us look at some of the wonderful features you will be able to access through a business profile.

Access to Contact Information

You may have noticed some Instagram profiles with a contact button on their landing page. Instagram is one of the few platforms that do not allow you to add links and email contacts to your captions. When using a personal account, it is almost impossible to link to your website. Users have to check your bio for any links. To many people, this is a hectic exercise. That is why adding a contact button on Instagram is very important. Your followers simply click on the button to call or email you.

Create Shoppable Posts

By using a business account, you will be able to make some money  by creating shoppable posts. Your customers can now shop for your products directly from your posts. This is not attainable when using a personal profile. This means that you can drive more sales online as soon as you switch to a business profile.

Access to Instagram Analytics

A business profile gives you the opportunity to understand what is working and what is not working for you. This helps you to revise your marketing strategy, thus saving a lot of time and money. The account allows you to access analytics tools that detail information about your followers. It helps you know what people are saying about your business as well as the amount of website traffic generated through your Instagram account.

Schedule Your Posts

For the longest time, users were unable to schedule their posts on Instagram. However, a few changes have been made to the platform and it is now possible to do this. Initially, you would receive a notification to remind you to post your content but the process has been made easy by letting you schedule posts, which are automatically published. The sad thing about this feature is that it is only available for business account owners.

Add Links on Instagram Stories

Adding links to Instagram stories is a great way to drive traffic to your online store or website. This is great for publishers and retail brands. This feature was previously available for verified accounts but is now available for all business account owners.

Final Word

Switching to a business account on Instagram is not difficult. Once you connect your account to Facebook, you will easily schedule your posts.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to A Business Profile on Instagram