We may all know of someone who has been thrust into the role of a caregiver for an elderly loved one. Those who have never assumed this role might find it a big responsibility. But how do you prepare for this responsibility? The first thing is to identify the signs that tell you that a loved one is aging and needs your help.

There is a slim possibility that the loved one tells you they need your help. This might be due to a number of reasons; maybe they don’t realize they need the assistance. They might also desire to stay independent for as long as possible, and they will not ask for help any time soon.

Changes in Housekeeping Patterns

If you notice that the elder who used to maintain a certain housekeeping pattern begins to change. This could be happening for several reasons, but it is vital to raise the level of awareness when you realize this item happening.

Unhandled Finances

Are the bills being paid on time as before? If you realize that the aged member of the family is back on bills and other payments, you need to start being concerned.

Weight Loss

Have you noticed your relative losing weight faster than normal? This can be a sign that he or she isn’t taking his health seriously. The reason behind this might be that the loved one cant shop or cook on their own like before. Related to this, you notice that food in the house is spoiling or close to spoiling.

When it comes to this, you need to find various ways to give your loved one an easy way to cook. One of the best ways to do this is to buy some tools and equipment that make cooking easy and fast.

Poor Hygiene

Have you noticed changes in the dressing, bathing and grooming, or toileting habits of the loved one? You notice that the loved one keeps on wearing clothes that aren’t appropriate.


Does the loved one forget about important appointments? They might forget to return a call, trash day, misplacing things and other items. They also fail to recall names of familiar objects, even people. Get them items that likely hang around and help them perform the tasks.

Final Words

You need to understand what your aged loved one is going through so that you take care of them the right way. Make sure you notice the signs that show the loved one isn’t ok and needs your help.

Signs You Need to Help Your Elderly Relative Out