With advanced technology, more flexible devices have been manufactured.Drones are some of the devices that have over time been upgraded to produce high-quality and multi-purpose technological devices. Recently, drones have designed for war, for video and camera recording as well as for surveillance. This was just a dream to many who never knew such innovative ideas will ever be real. To keep you continuously updated on what’s happening in the scientific field dealing with drone manufacturing and testing. DRONES.ORG has come forward and launched a site where all updates concerning drones are updated on daily basis.

Recently, the phantom family has released one of a kind drone with high zoom ability and rapid response rate. The new Phantom 4 Advanced drone has the best flying capacity and long distance wireless control. The drone is a new dawn to producers who for a long time had wished for a flexible drone for movie production. You have no reason to not trust or worry about its performance. The drone has been tested and has been continuously modified to fit its specified purpose.

The Phantom 4 Advanced has swift controls and ability to capture quality aerial images with a high resolution. Being a producer, this drone is designed to respond to your video production needs giving you flexibility and at the same time saving you money. To reduce the rigidity of the airframe; the drone is fitted with magnesium and titanium alloys which are light weight. The drone is equipped with a 20megapixel camera and an image sensor, which brings the image to a closer view for better and clear shooting.

The drones have been used in various countries for a number of reasons. In Russia, they had launched a drone in the form of a fighter jet, which is used for air strikes in places where sending live army would be disastrous. Over the years, scientists have come up with more sophisticated and advanced drones for aerial surveillance in different locations and sending feedback to the control room. Some of the drones are anti-missiles making them better for than human driven jets.

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