Riding bicycles has become popular in recent days. Some people do it as means of transport, while others do it as part of their exercise. Whichever reason that makes you ride maintaining your bicycle in good condition is always important. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits that come around with, keeping your bike in great state.

Here are some basic tips that any cyclist should know. If you use this to your advantage, then your bike will give you an excellent service. Before any ride, you should inspect your bike. Ensure the pressure in both tires is inflated properly by squeezing them. Ensure the brakes engage appropriately and smoothly.  Performing a pre-ride inspection will help you to catch potential problems.

Depending on the type of ride you should create a regular maintenance schedule .keeping your bike parts clean and lubricate the performance. The moving parts of the bike should always be lubricated to reduce wear out caused by friction.it also prevents rust and corrosion. However, over lubricating will lead to poor performance. If you apply excess lubricant, you should wipe it away before you start your ride.

It is also crucial to have some basic cleaning and lubricating supplies. These include clean rugs for grease and oil purpose, and for cleaning and drying task. Some water, soaps and detergents and have brushes of different sizes. When using a hose ensure that the pressure is not too high as it could damage your bike bearing.

Ensure all the bolts on your bike are tight. Perform a visual check and make sure that no bolt is visibly loose. If you had installed any aftermarket parts, confirm that they have not loosened from previous rides. You should avoid over tightening as this would affect the stability.

After every ride makes some time to clean your bike. You should always avoid washing it with water and soap every time. Soaps freeze up the moving parts by condensing the lube particles. Wipe your bike with a damp cloth from instead of using water every time. Lubricate the moving parts after washing your bicycle.

You should treat your bike the same you would treat your car. Every year you should take your bike to a technician. The maintenance visit to a professional is not very expensive, but it will help you prepare your bike for a new experience of riding. If you treat your bike properly, it will make you proud.

Tips For Maintaining Your Bike