Although large, bulky laser applications are still used for printing and engraving, a new set of relatively small, handheld laser equipment has been introduced to the market to allow you accomplish your engraving assignments from any location. Laser engraving is a relatively new technology that utilizes beams to create images or texts on products. In the past, most engraving tasks were accomplished in warehouses and factories. However, with the changes in technology, this is no longer the case.

So, what are some advantages of portable, handheld laser engravers?

Remote Operation

This is probably the biggest advantage of handheld engravers. The machine is small enough to fit in your palm. It is light enough to be carried around. Therefore, you are not restricted to a factory setting which may get boring. Most handheld laser marking systems, including the N-LASE Handheld Laser Engraver – Fiber Laser Marking Machine and several others, can be controlled via a computer which makes it easy to program and operate. Others can also be operated via Bluetooth or a USB connection, facilitating remote access.

High Production Speed

Handheld laser engravers are highly regarded due to time efficiency. They help you to complete engraving activities faster than when using other methods. This automatically translates to increased productivity, making the devices more reliable in terms of speed, precision, and accuracy.

Increased Versatility

Due to their small size, handheld laser engravers can easily mark all the surfaces of an item. They are ideal for custom and personalized assignments and can be used to create permanent marks on dozens of materials including glass, acrylic, stone, cardboard, and plastic. They can also be used on a variety of sizes ranging from small ones to those that are relatively large.

Reduced Costs

These machines are cheaper than large applications which are used in factories. You do not need a factory or warehouse to use a portable laser engraver. This saves you a lot of cash. There is very little maintenance required as the machines use a non-contact method that ensures a longer operational life.

Easy To Operate

The new handheld lasers are easy to use and virtually anyone can learn how to operate them.  They work the same way as standard printers. They can also be operated from a computer or remotely using specialized software.

In Closing

Handheld laser engravers give you a great opportunity to explore your creativity as you carry out some engraving assignments. This new technology makes the whole process of laser cutting and engraving portable and enjoyable at the same time. As a result, many people in the industry are using it to offer mobile engraving services.

Why You Need A Portable Laser Marking System