Most people think that social media marketing is an easy undertaking and that anyone with an internet connection can do it. However, those who are successful in it will tell that it is not that easy at face value and it is more than what naked eyes can see. There are some who have launched campaigns and failed terribly because they lack the knowledge to conduct such activities. You may have noted that some marketers always attract hundreds of comments and likes on their post whereas yours do not attract any. The following are the reasons why your posts are not attracting any likes.

    1. You are predictable

Potential customers are not looking for someone to bore them with the same content over and over again. Go an extra step and teach your followers something new once in a while. Keep them in suspense and make them look forward to your content as they learn something new every time you post. Do not focus on selling but educate and inform them and selling will be automatic. Share tips that are relevant to your niche and answer questions on the same whenever they arise. Ensure that the content adds value to your customers by solving problems that they face on a daily basis.

    1. Assuming that you can handle everything

Startup stage is somehow hard and you may be looking for practical ways to minimize operating costs. You may find yourself heading all the departments until you reach a point where you can get some help by employing few members of staff. Your followers expect you to answer their questions, craft content and like posts in your niche. This may not be possible because time is always scarce. Spire has a solution on how you can buy likes naturally and establish authority in your space.

    1. You do not know how to target your audience

The digital marketing space gives you a chance to select your ideal audience and reduce wastage. You can select your target audience based on region, sex, gender or buying habits to ensure that you have refined results. You can as well create a group and add specific followers and ensure that they are the first ones to know about your deals. Sponsored ads are the best when it comes to targeting as they have multiple options you can select from. Analyze your followers’ traits and craft content that resonates with such behavior.

Why Your Instagram Posts Are Not Getting Likes